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The New Ensemble Eclectica Seeks to Present a Broad Swath of Columbia Arts

Grand ideas take great effort, as Ensemble Eclectica creator Suzanna Pavlovsky can attest. The Columbia-based musician and conductor has been working diligently for two years to bring this new multidisciplinary arts experience to Columbia.


Eclectica Ensemble Premiers Mid-Month

Summer breaks from regular obligations allowed a broadly-talented local troupe of top-tier musicians time to compose new works, re-arrange beloved compositions and ready themselves to introduce Columbia and the Midlands to a brand new cultural experience...Musicians who are part of this new cultural initiative expressed excitement about the potential to introduce the capital city to a new way of experiencing music.

Winning Create-A-thon teams announced

The most anticipated award, at least for the nonprofits themselves, was the "Best Outdoor" award, which comes with a spot on a digital billboard at Assembly and Gervais streets. Diana Stevenson, CEO of Grace Outdoor, presented their award to Suzanna Pavlovsky, creator of Ensemble Eclectica.

SJMC students put talents to work for local non-profits

Ensemble Eclectica, a new experience created by Suzanna Pavlovsky that combines multiple forms of audio and visual art into one setting. For the students of CreateAthon, it was a blank slate they can help mold and bring to the attention of the local community.