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Eclectica (noun): deriving ideas, style and artistic taste from a modern artistic collaboration


Who we are

Ensemble Eclectica is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization - a contemporary and innovative interdisciplinary ensemble.

What we do

Ensemble Eclectica is a unique multi media performing arts organization that stimulates the senses of the audience - lovers of arts and music through an exciting production that breaks boundaries by unifying the artists with the audiences. We strive for excellence to introduce composers, musicians, dancers, actors, and soloists  to display a variety of genres and styles with a “modern twist.”

What we believe

Quality of life in a community’s is highly impacted by the vibrant arts and culture available to that community.

Ensemble Eclectica will bring together people of different backgrounds to share and enjoy cultural experiences. Whether there is an artist or audience member of a performance, our collective experience is what makes art relevant, modern and appreciated. The purpose of Ensemble Eclectica is to maintain the relevance of symphonic artworks by breaking the traditional sensory boundaries that have existed between the artist and audience. It is our belief that changing perceptions of art forms grows art appreciation.

Ensemble Eclectica will connect, inspire, impact, influence  and contribute to a healthier, more connected   Midlands’ community.

Creative, eclectic programming and new concert going experiences will appeal to diverse cross-sections of society.

Through created cultural experiences, Ensemble Eclectica will influence and connect diverse audiences that reflect the make-up of our local communities.

It is our responsibility to develop and nurture future  generations of music, dance, and arts lovers.

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